J(ames loves L)ily
How come she married him? She hated him!
Nah she didn't

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She started going out with him in seventh year.

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Happy birthday, Lis

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(TLAT, Ch 36, Soldiers)

I had to redeem myself from the crap I posted last time for this scene :)

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no but imagine 18 year old lily, at the end of hogwarts, madly in love with James, full of spirit and passion and wanting to fight for the muggles in the war, wanting to make a difference in the wizarding world, wanting to have a beautiful wedding, wearing a beautiful dress,…

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(oh hey this was a five minute prompt that I forgot I did) james + lily + broom flying


(oh hey this was a five minute prompt that I forgot I did) james + lily + broom flying

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James groaned. “Why do you care?” he demanded. “Honestly, why on Earth does this bother you at all?”

Sirius scowled. “You want to know why we care?”


"You really want to know?"


"Moony, tell him why we care."

Remus folded his arms, shaking his head in what must have been unspeakable annoyance. “We care,” he said, “because for six years, we have sat through rants, and complaints, and hours upon hours of brainstorming sessions while you concocted truly awful ways to ask that girl out…”

"We have listened to things," said Sirius, "that no man with… anything going on downstairs should ever have to listen to! Half the time, you were just talking to yourself! ‘WHY is Lily Evans mates with Snivellus? WHY does she think I’m the devil’s illegitimate son? WHY didn’t she agree to date me when I bewitched her dinner to ask her out? WHY did I think it was a good idea to bewitch her dinner to ask her out?"

"And all of that was always followed by—not that I really care," Remus picked up, and Sirius rolled his eyes. "But of course you bloody cared! You sodding stalked the girl for six years! You stopped hexing people… you quit smoking…"

"I did not quit smoking for Lily Ev…"

"Yeah fucking right," Remus interrupted, and both of his friends were taken aback by the use of profanity from their mild-mannered cohort. "You’d have jumped off the Astronomy Tower to impress her! In fact, I’m glad you didn’t think of that, because if it had occurred to you, you probably would have done it! And then your ghost would have haunted us, wandering the corridors, moaning about how Lily Evans wasn’t impressed when you committed suicide for her!"

"  - The Life and Times, Chapter 28 (via awriterandhismuse)

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In which Lily is hung over and has a nice conversation with James, about a certain part of his anatomy.

In honour of my favourite character’s birthday, and my awesome url (if I do say so myself). Happy Birthday, Prongs!

It is the 28th of March, and there is an…

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allonsyallyons asked: Lily and James' mom make James a birthday cake.


Not very James-centric but in any case, happy birthday, you bespectacled git!

Thanks for the prompt! :)

Lily frowned, scanning the words on the page with dubiousness. She brusquely brushed the loose strands of hair hovering in front of her eyes. Squinting at the page, the words didn’t make anymore sense to her.

Mrs. Potter, a relatively tall woman, pushed up her spectacles and peered at the recipe book over Lily’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry, I really am. Mum used to give me instructions, simpler and more straightforward ones than these,” the redhead said, exhaling heavily. She lifted the page with her index finger and snuck a peek over at the next recipe while the elder of the two attempted to make sense of a ‘lump-less yet bubbly mixture’.

“It’s no problem, dear. Although, using magic would have certainly been easier. How do you tune an oven?”

“Uh…” Lily held the note, cocking her head. “Where does it say that? Do we have to preheat the oven already? We haven’t even begun.”

Mrs. Potter huffed, “This book is a load of dung. I’ve made plenty of cakes and it never had anything to do with an oven but it still tasted just fine.”

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Anonymous asked: James is ring shopping and Sirius is being Sirius


James is pretty sure he’s going to hyperventilate, and his git of a best friend isn’t helping.

"Ooh, look at this one, I didn’t know gems could be this big. Prongs, look, it’s the size of my eyeball! Ooh, what about that one?

The sales associate looks like he wants to Avada Kedavra himself. James isn’t far behind.

"Padfoot, mate, please stop throwing million Galleon rings around the shop," he calls, dragging a hand through his hair.

"Don’t be silly, Prongs. This one is… This one’s only four hundred Galleons."

"Only - 

"I believe, sir, that you’re looking for something closer to this," the sales associate (Marvin, his name tag says Marvin) interrupts, and James could kiss him for it.

That is, until he sees the ring.

"Er, that’s not… Well, it’s lovely, truly, but…"

"Lily would hate that one," Sirius supplies, sneaking up behind James’s shoulder. He ignores Marvin’s scandalized look and pops another Bertie Bott’s into his mouth, chewing critically. "It’s all yellow and weirdly cut."

"This, sir, is a yellow tourmaline from Malawi, cut exquisitely in - “

"Yeah yeah. Cut the crap. Listen, mate, I’m telling you, the simple ones are the best."

"Yes, I know, but I can’t - they’re all strange and extravagant," James says with an apologetic look at Marvin.

Sirius rolls his eyes. “You’re in the wrong section, you dolt. Marvin over here led you to the most expensive section.”

The man in question turns puce. “I think you mean the section with the highest quality.

"Shut it, you." Sirius drags James over to the back of the store, where admittedly there are less flashy rings on display. "I like this one, personally," he adds, pointing at a garnet. "Maybe you should buy it for me, Prongsie, dear.”

"Get away from me," James responds automatically, leaning in to see a few diamonds. Marvin trails after them, shooting a dirty look at Sirius’s smug expression. "How much is this one?"

Marvin takes it out of the case, handing it over to James sullenly. “Forty Galleons, sir. Basic round diamond.”

Sirius throws a Bertie Bott’s up into the air and catches it effortlessly in his mouth. “It’s lovely. Perfect. Beautiful. All those adjectives girls love. Can we get a move on? All this commitment in the air is giving me a rash.”

James fishes Galleons out of a pouch and Marvin rings up the total, mouth puckered as if sucking a lemon. Sirius whistles a jaunty tune and lopes out the front door. 

James claps him on the shoulder. “Thanks, mate. Reckon it’ll go alright, even without the rare colored gems.”

"I have flawless taste," Sirius sniffs. "Just name a few of your babies after me in gratitude, alright? At least three of them."

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So, in an attempt to hide from my stress and quell my Life and Times withdrawal I went through everything we know about Chapter 37 and made myself a little guide. Here it is for general viewing pleasure (and I will update it when we get more information/excerpts!)

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