J(ames loves L)ily
How come she married him? She hated him!
Nah she didn't

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Anonymous asked: jily coffeshop au


I threw in some Modern!AU too, because, why not? Also because I’ve done this one before, so it’s a nice contrast.

This paper was going to be the end of her, Lily decided, glaring mutinously at her laptop screen and willing the word document to somehow double in length in the next six hours. What had she been thinking, taking a bloody literature class? She was a maths person. She had always been a maths person. Complex calculus? Simple. Non-Euclidean geometry? She was your girl. Metaphors? Yeah, not so much. And yet she’d somehow stumbled her way into a Romantics seminar. What utter rot.

"Ah. A Keats fan, then?"

Lily glanced up, eyes bleary, to find one of the coffee shop’s baristas standing beside her table. He was tall and lanky, with the shop’s standard dark green apron hanging off his limbs like it didn’t quite know how to fit among all the sharp edges. His hair was dark and loafed about like it had a mind of its own, while a pair of wire specs perched neatly upon his long nose. In one hand, he held a skinny paper coffee cup. The other tapped gently at her poetry book.

"Actually, right now I reckon I’m inching toward TB’s side of things," Lily answered, sighing lightly. "Keats may have deserved it."

The barista’s lips quirked. "Ah, well. Two sides to every story and all." He placed the foam cup atop the poetry book. "Coffee."

"Er, no. I haven’t ordered anything."

"No, you haven’t. Ordered for you, actually." He twisted the cup, and there on the stark white curve, a name and number was written in thick, black ink.

JAMES 07914 483 219

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au!commentarius | lily’s a vlogger (vol. 2)

Saturday, October 25th, 7th Year Girls’ Dormitory

Observant Lily: Day 40 

Total Observations: 277 

Because delayed reactions are entirely possible and there is nothing more reassuring (while simultaneously terrifying) than waking up and realising that your body still entirely all right with some recent decisions you may have made regarding blokes and meals after breakfast. And even though you are relieved/terrified, you are also, above all cheery, and isn’t that just about the damnedest thing in the world? 


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26 Snippet [finally] 


#ForeverFail with snippets. But here it is! Don’t pull out the pitchforks if some parts of this are tweaked in the final chapter. This is what happens when I go back and read earlier bits—indeccisssionnn, doubbbbttt, devestationnnn.

But huzzah all the same! I think you’ll start getting some idea about what’s going on with our good friends Lily and James and something about stand-ins har har harrr ;D

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why didn’t james transform that night, like he could have just shocked voldemort so much and then rammed those fuckin antlers right into him

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Hogwarts Yearbook | Lily Evans and James Potter.

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Anonymous asked: Could you write something about Lily acting like James because of a bet ?


Sorry I haven’t been on a lot lately. I’ve been camping pretty much nonstop since last Sunday.

Act like Potter. It was a stupid bet, one that she didn’t quite understand. Why did Mary want to see Lily act like Hogwarts favorite bespectacled git anyway? Did she have some perverted fetish or something?

Annoyed and confused as she was by it all, that didn’t change the facts. She had lost the bet and now she had to act like James McGit Potter for the next 24 hours.

No more mild mannered, kind, patient, responsible Lily Evans that the Professors and her fellow students had come to know and love. For the next day, she didn’t exist. She had to be loud and rude, demanding and unapologetic.

“Rise and Shine, Lils!” Mary sang, pulling back Lily’s bed hangings. Lily wished that she would just give her five more minutes to prepare for what was going to be a very long and taxing day. And that’s when she remembered that if James Potter wanted someone to give him five more minutes, he would make them give him five more minutes. Mary had wanted to use this whole thing to her advantage, to test Lily’s patience, but maybe there would be an upside for Lily as well. She reached for the closest pillow and lobbed it at the smiling brunette’s head.  

“Five more minutes.” She smiled into her pillow. Mary stood beside her silently. Lily could imagine the look of shock on her face.

“I see you need no reminder.” She cleared her throat and then giggled. “Today shall be interesting.

A few minutes later, Lily dragged herself out of bed and started getting ready for the day. She seemed to be out of clean socks, which was perfect. She had to act like a git and wear dirty socks. So not only would people be repulsed by her attitude, but also by her stench. She huffed and turned away from her trunk, spotting a whole stack of clean socks on Marlene’s trunk. The blonde had already left for breakfast, so Lily couldn’t exactly ask for permission to borrow a pair, not that James would. She reached over and took some. She grinned to herself as she walked into the bathroom, rushing in front of Mary instead of letting her go first as she normally would.

So far, she was enjoying this.

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james and lily being really confused about their feelings towards each other so they would both go to remus at different times

like one day james would talk about how pretty lily was and how happy he felt around her and then another day lily would tell remus how much she loved his goddamn hair and his laugh and everything about him and remus would just listen to everything and smile because he knew 

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early seventh year lily who has a massive crush on james watching him argue with sirius over the crossword and suddenly his jaw does the thing and she drops her pumpkin juice into her cereal

do you mean this thing

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